1:1 Coaching for your success

It’s time for change but you don’t know exactly how to start?

When you want to bring your life to a new level, I am the person to talk to. I know exactly how it feels to be in pain and doubt and I know the way out of this labyrinth. My clients report new joy in their life, high clarity in decision making, liberation of the past, living authentically and real selfconfidence in themselves.

In my coaching-sessions I combine strategic analysis with empathy. I recognize you in your individuality and I work with you according to your personal and individual values.

My competences: Psychology degree, specialization in Personality-Profiling, many continuing trainings like working with trauma, body-mind-connection and communication techniques. I gained a profound knowledge for the connection of physical and mental health. I attend several international conferences throughout the year about personality development.

What do you want to achieve?

stepping up with my career

gaining real selfconfidence

solving familiar entanglements and befree myself from inner guilt

being happy with myself

overcoming challenges with ease

developing my personality

allowing greater success

enjoying my relationship

My tools for you:


Reflective talk

Trance & Hypnosis

I support you according to your personal values. Together we define your goals. We clear obstacles and limiting believes out of the way. I strengthen you to reach your goals consciously, with elegance and ease.


Retreat in Ibiza

You want to start new – mentally and physically? Here you will be surrounded by like-minded people in a fantastic environment in Ibiza. You will return transformed!

1 Day Intensive

you are very busy and your time schedule is overfilled? On this day you withdraw conscioulsy from your daily routine and we make an update for all areas in your life. This is the starting point for you following your precisely set goals with new energy and determination.


What do you want to achieve? We select together the package that fits best to your needs.

Solve Package
We focus on one topic. You receive concrete practical impulses, together we solve obstacles and blockages to free your way for new success.

€ 1.275

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Intensive Sessions. Valuable impulses for you. Reflective talk, Trance & Hypnosis. You have gained a new level of dominion in your life and you experience yourself as the designer of your beautiful life.

Content: 5 coaching-sessions à 1.5 hours. Working material. Personality-Profiling with Reiss-Profile.

Satisfy Package

Together we choose 3 topics (f.ex. career, relationships, family entangelements, finances, physical fitness, self-confidence).

€ 2.850

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We capture the actual state and we design the optimal future for you in all relevant areas. Intensive sessions with valuable impulses and reflektive talk, Trance & Hypnosis – we create a shortcut for your goals and your optimal future.

Content: 12 coaching-sessions à 1.5 hours. Working material. Personality-Profiling with Reiss-Profile.

Celebrate Package

Update for all areas in your life (career, physical fitness, family, friends, relationship, finances, self-confidence, spirituality).


€ 6.450

more details

Capturing the actual state of all areas in your life, we design the optimal future for you in all these areas. Intensive sessions with valuable impulses and reflektive talk, Trance & Hypnosis – in 6 months you entered a higher level in your life. 

Content: 28 coaching-sessions à 1.5 hours. Working material. Additional support via telefone. Personality-Profiling with Reiss-Profile.

“How to describe Mrs Hilger and her approach? Unusual, with a touch of spirituality and incredible psychological profundity. Mrs Hilger is not only highly professional but also reachable 24/7 and lovingly. She sees what noone else sees. With Mrs Hilger you go on an adventure, the adventure to yourself. This self can be anxious, angry or worried at the beginning. In the meditavive State and Trance I looked deep inside and you discover yourself new. You shape new what you experience. After each Coaching I feel released and coming home to who I really am. I look with joy and enthusiasm into the future. The claim brings it to the point “bright future” Nadine S., Leiterin Marketing

“Mrs Hilger catches the subjects so precize, so clear, so binding and free of personal judgement that I felt immediately being in good hands. With her support I have realized remarkable changes within short time which give me enormeous benefit. Thank you!” executive manager, age 48

“Mrs Hilger brings ease to every topic. She is always there when I need her advice. She is very experienced in her area and she offers solutions I didn’t think of. When I stearted to work with her I experienced a lot of stress and anxiety, mainly in the professional life. Now I feel transformed, strong and new. I approach difficult colleges now relaxed and I don’t take things personal anymore. by cjhanging my behavior, my environment also has changed. I am finally myself and others accept this. Challenges arise always new but they are not heavy obstacles anymore but things to solve. I handle them with ease now!” Melanie K., 38 Jahre

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