My Story

I always took the chance to do what allows me to grow, what fascinates me and what makes me happy. This freedom and the liberation of old trhinking pattern is the biggest gift I can give to you. Due to my psychology study and continuous further education in the area of personality development I know and I understand the the various experiences of people very well. With my own method FutureV I combine reflection & inspiration with concrete action for you as well as for your company.

My experiences

You create your own reality

I don’t believe in fate but in our power to create. When we align our dedication, our willpower and our abilities, we design our life with joy and we live ease and elegance.

Emotions are not in the way - they are the way!

All emotions contain valuable information. Learning to handle them with awareness and in a constructive way will catapult us forward.

Embracing complexity eases your Life

Simple answers don’t really help. When we accept paradox and learn to handle them, we reach a new elegance of living our life.

My way

I live my life the way that it adds to my complexity. In my professional career I was a tour guide, Business-Partner for Greenpeace, Career Councelor, Lectorer at a University for work- & organizational psychology, executive Manager for distribution and marketing. Since 2013 I am an selfemployed Entrepreneur. You can find details about my cv here.

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