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often asked

Phone call or Email?
I prefer communicating via phone for that we get to know us immediately. Therefore I ask you to note your phone number for me in your Email.
Workshops & Coaching also in English?
Yes. I often work for transnational teams. I lead Workshops, Coachings and Moderations in German and English. I also provide solide conversation in French, Spanish and Italian.
Can you also moderate a major event for us?
Yes. I like that and I lead this kind of events regularly.
Do you know about our corporate culture?
I’ve working experience in various corporate cultures – from NGO to administration, service providers, producing companies, family businesses, medium-sized companies and large corporations. I have working experience in the USA, China, Europe, Asia. in addition I increase my cultural knowledge in my leisure time by traveling the whole world.
1:1 Coaching - do we match?
I am here for female decision-makers, for female managers. For humans, who want to grow personally. My clients seek depth and significance for their life. They are high performers and commited to their personal and professional success. They are highly qualified, they reflect themselves and their experiences. They don’t agree to seemingly unalterable circumstances, but challenge positive changes. Sometimes they doubt their longing for having a positive impact. Do I describe you here? Probably then we fit well together. I am looking forward to get to know you.
Prerequisite for 1:1 Coaching with me
I work with emotions. Therefore it’s necessary that you have access to your emotions and that you can name them. When you use sedating medication or mind-altering stimulants, I can’t work with you.

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