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We are challenged today to constantly refine ourselves. Like our technology we need updates – inspiration and input from outside. My workshops, coachings and mediations for companies and individuals offer this update.


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How do I work?

my promise to you

When we work together, you will change: your attitude, your emotions, your life changes. You become stronger, more daring, more joyously! And you will live more consciuosly.



my method

Personality-Profiling, Reflective Talk, Trance & Hypnosis. You reach your goals faster, effortlessly and with elegance! My clients report experiencing a shortcut for their success – in the professional like in the private life.

you reach your goals

Wir schärfen Ihre Ecken und Kanten an den richtigen Stellen. Sie gewinnen an und mit Persönlichkeit. Sie erwerben in der Zusammenarbeit mit mir hilfreiche Werkzeuge, die Sie künftig für Ihr gesamtes Leben nutzen können. Ich setze an bei der Kommunikation, Haltung & Einstellung und Selbstimage.

about me

I practice for myself, what I share with you. My insight: Not the outer world but the inner world has to be cleared. Positive Thinking and hoping for the better don’t help us to proceed and to reach new levels. Strong tools are neccessary to create our life how we desire it to be. I create for myself very exactly and with joy and elegance how and who I want to be. I invite you to lift your life to a new level and to develop your personality to new dimensions.

my clients say

“The collaboration with Mrs. Hilger and the resulting outcomes are exceptional. She is able to inspire people to work on themselves. This to the measurable benefit of the company and the people involved. Her way of working is very goal-oriented and always has a common thread. Even in difficult interpersonal situations in the company, she is not only able to accompany them, but also to bring them to a good solution.
Her very high acceptance on all hierarchical levels makes her very valuable for the most diverse change processes in a company.
In my many years of professional experience in management positions, I have not met anyone comparable who is so personally committed and success-oriented in working for companies and employees. Thank you very much for the very good cooperation.”
Adam Krüppel, Managing Director Stadtwerke Wedel

“Mrs. Hilger tackles the topics so precisely, so clearly, so authoritatively and personally releasing that one immediately feels in good hands with her. Together with her, I have implemented significant changes within a short period of time that are good for me. Thank you!” Executive, 48 years

“Stefanie helped me on so many levels. It is amazing to see how we hold ourselves back from being the best we can be. Initially I was skeptical about getting coaching but I knew I was holding back from being my best. Her energy, confidence and analysis are genuine and accurate and inspiring. I used to think mindsets / beliefs need time to be changed however, Stefanie has thought me that our beliefs are plastic and can be changed instantly. Now it is these beliefs that determine our actions. I believed many things that were holding me back. I have learned to get rid of what does not serve me for good purpose (guilt, anxiety). I have learned to focus on information that I can use to progress in life and not be overwhelmed (also negative information). As a result, I am a more confident leader. I also understand that to serve as a Leader I need to clearly, simply and confidently, communicate what is required and when it is required. This is best done when you believe in yourself and your capabilities. Thank you Stefanie” Tamara, age 40

“I lead a team of 50 people, all very different. The insights gained from the discussions with Mrs. Hilger have helped me a lot, both professionally and privately: I have become calmer and more diplomatic. I get along better with people and they with me. My work has become more pleasant and I enjoy it more. I use the knowledge every day and I pass it on; it improves our communication.” Executive, 41 years


We all create our own reality. We only differ in how consciously we do it.

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