Webinar – gelassen Grenzen setzen




You master your job and your private life, reliably maintain contact with parents and maybe parents-in-law. You are physically in good shape, maintain the circle of friends and continue to educate yourself. You always get everything under one roof, but there is never really time for yourself. Successful women in particular function „perfectly“ on the outside, but on the inside there is more and more dissatisfaction, emptiness and the feeling of constant external determination. For a long time you have been doing things that you actually don’t feel like doing. It’s time for a realignment!
This webinar is all about you! What do you wish for in the years to come? What does your future self look like?What do you want to throw overboard and how do you do it elegantly without triggering waves that are too high? Together we will create your version of your bright future!. I give you all the equipment to stand up for you confidently and emphatically. We will laugh a lot and you will have fun!

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